Screen and Prati Partner for Finishing

Prati and Screen partner together to develop an interface between the Screen Truepress Jet L350UV series of digital label presses and the Digifast One modular digital converting line.

Aimed at maximizing end-to-end productivity, the interface deliver a near-line connection, allowing label printers the flexibility to run integrated in-line or standalone off-line jobs, according to the needs of the production schedule.

‘As with all our technology, our main aim is to maximize productivity and accuracy whilst minimizing downtime,’ explained Chiara Prati, sales and marketing director at Prati. ‘As a leading player in the label press market, Screen is a natural partner for us, particularly as inkjet rises in popularity. Our two companies share a similar ethos and vision for how we can best support each other in our goals for the labels and packaging industry.’

Carlo Sammarco, sales director, Packaging Solutions at Screen Europe, added: ‘Screen is dedicated to making presses that benefit the whole production line, achieving the greatest limits of output for label producers. We have mutual distributors around the world including Jet Technologies in Indonesia, providing customers one of the best combined digital label solutions for speed, quality and ease of use.’