Jet Technologies sells two coffee packaging machines in first week

After already selling two Goglio G21 Coffee Packaging Machines in just the first week of demonstration, Jet Technologies is now offering another opportunity for specialist coffee roasters across Australia to see for themselves the advanced efficiencies of the G21 at its Sydney demo center.

“With most of the population moving away from CBDs during the pandemic, specialist and up-and-coming coffee roasters in Australia experienced a good level of demand from the retail, grocery, direct consumer, and suburban coffee shop markets,” said Daniel Malki, Director of Jet Technologies. “With more people working from home than ever, increased distribution to supermarkets and suburban coffee shops led many roasters to re-evaluate their capital investments to better meet the current and future demand.

“Today, as Australia enters the economic recovery phase of the pandemic, with more businesses starting to open up even further, there is now a lot of optimism within the coffee trade for future growth,” added Daniel.

In response to the optimism in the Australian coffee market, Jet Technologies proactively made an investment by ordering in two G21 machines earlier this year, which have now been sold, with a third machine now on its way to be used for demonstration in Melbourne.

“Beneficial to any coffee roasters producing 1.5 tonnes or more of coffee per week, the Goglio G21 machine is ideal for roasters looking to reduce labour costs and improve their productivity rates to gain a competitive edge within the market. Additionally, packaging made to order using the G21 machine equates to half the cost of premade coffee bags, with a wide range of laminate structures which include recyclable and compostable options,” said Daniel.

The impeccable accuracy of the G21 machine is additionally a standout feature, particularly with its two-option dosing procedure, meaning coffee roasters can choose their dose size without over-filling their bags and forfeiting coffee supply. Likewise, the machine includes automatic packaging lines for modified atmosphere packaging to preserve coffee freshness.

The Goglio G21 Coffee Packaging Machine is ideal for key players in the coffee industry looking to innovate and streamline their packaging operations to boost productivity and improve capital investment.

Alongside its long-standing partnership with Goglio, and as an industry leader in the coffee packaging space, Jet Technologies hopes the new demonstration center will additionally help give Australian coffee roasters an insight into the expertise, quality service, and support they provide, including local buffer storage, flexible packaging, and packaging artwork support.